publiuscoverPublius: The Journal of Federalism Distinguished Scholar Award

Supported by the Center for the Study of Federalism, this biennial award is given to living, recognized scholars whose publications continue to make significant and major contributions to our understanding and appreciation of the history, theory, and/or practice of federalism in single or multiple countries and/or transnational arrangements, such as the European Union. The award shall be for distinguished work done specifically on federalism and federations. The award is presented at the RC28 business meeting held during each IPSA World Congress. The award is made by the RC28 Executive Board upon nominations by RC28 members. Nomination instructions are circulated to members by email.


2016  John Kincaid


Juan Linz Prize

The purpose of the Juan Linz Prize is to honour a prominent scholar engaged in the Decentralization, Multinational and Multiethnic  Integration and Federalism comparative research of which Juan Linz was a master. The recipient presents the Juan Linz lecture or leads a special session at the IPSA World Congress of Political Science. The award is made on the recommendation of the Committee on Awards. It is supported by the Juan Linz fund. RC28 makes nominations for this prize in co-operation with other IPSA research committees.


2018  Adam Przeworski

2016  Fritz W. Scharpf

2014  Brendan O’Leary