This page lists datasets of interest to scholars studying comparative federalism and multilevel governance. We welcome suggestions for the inclusion of additional datasets, please contact us on

De/Centralisation Dataset (DcD)

The De/Centralisation Dataset (DcD) measures de/centralisation across 22 policy and five fiscal categories in Australia, Canada, Germany, India, Switzerland and the United States, from their foundation to 2010. It is available from the UK Data Service.

Regional Authority Index (RAI)

The Regional Authority Index (RAI) tracks regional authority on an annual basis from 1950 to 2010 in 81 countries. The sample consists of all EU member states, all OECD member states, all Latin American countries, ten countries in Europe beyond the EU and eleven in the Pacific and South-East Asia. The unit of analysis is the individual region/ regional tier. It is available from:

Regional Manifesto Project (RMP)

The Regional Manifesto Project offers data on the positions and preferences of political parties at the regional level based on quantitative content analysis of parties’ electoral manifestos in Spain, the UK and Italy. It is available from the project website.