23rd IPSA World Congress, Montreal, QC, Canada, 19-24 July 2014

RC28 hosted and co-hosted 19 panels at the 23rd World Congress in Montreal. Below is a full list.

Immigration at the subnational scale: processes, policies and politics (Part 2) 
Chair: Andrea Lawlor; Discussant:  Dr Paolo Dardanelli

Immigration at the subnational scale: processes, policies and politics (Part 1) 
Chair: Mireille Paquet

Federalism and the Global Financial Crisis (Crisis Part 1) 
Chairs: Prof. Dietmar Braun and Dr Philipp Trein; Discussant: Prof. John Kincaid

De/centralization dynamics in multilevel systems (joint RC05/RC28) (Part 1) 
Chair: Dr Marta Arretche; Discussant: Dr Carolina de Miguel

De/centralization dynamics in multilevel systems (joint RC05/RC28) (Part 2) 
Chair: Dr Paolo Dardanelli; Discussant:  Dr Wilfred Sweden

Citizenship in Old and New Federations 
Chair: Dr Guy Laforest; Discussant: Prof. Thomas D. Lancaster

La traduction politique des identités régionales dans les États fédéraux (Identity Part 1) (RC28/RC14) 
Chairs: Prof. Dave Sinardet and Dr Réjean Pelletier; Discussants: Vincent Laborderie and Jérôme Couture

Ethnic tensions in federal and multilevel systems (Identity Part 2) (RC28/RC14) 
Chair:  Dr Michael Stein; Discussant: Prof. A.J. Brown

Territorial Identities and Sub-State Nationalism (Identity Part 3) (RC28/RC14) 
Chair: Christopher Chhim; Discussant: Prof. André Lecours

Fiscal Federalism 
Chair: Dr Wilfried Sweden; Discussant:  Dr Régis Dandoy

Federalism, Multilevel Governance, Health Policy and Health Politics (RC25/RC28) 
Chair: Prof. Antonia Maioni; Discussant: Prof. Dietmar Braun

National governments as facilitators of global-local relations (joint RC28/RC47)
Chair: Prof. Thomas D. Lancaster; Discussant: Prof. Michael Stein

Federalism and Policy Performance 
Chair: Prof. A.J. Brown; Discussant:  Prof. Wolfgang Renzsch

Gender and Health Frameworks in Multi-level Political Systems (RC25/RC19/RC28) 
Chairs: Dr Melissa Haussman and Prof. Judith Baer; Discussant: Prof. Carol Weissert

Analyzing Networks in Federal and Multilevel Systems 
Chair: Nkolika Obianyo; Discussant:  Prof. Sonja Walti

Linguistic Federalism and Regionalism in Comparative Perspective (jointly RC50/RC28) 
Chair: Helaina Gaspard; Discussants: Dr Wilfried Swenden and Dr Papia Sengupta Talukdar

Adaptive Dynamics in Federal Systems 
Chairs: Prof. Jörg Broschek and Prof. Sonja Walti; Discussant: Prof. Arthur Benz

Federalism, Democracy, and Authoritarianism – Tensions and Dynamics (Democracy Part 1) 
Chairs: Prof. Sabine Kropp and Prof. Arthur Benz; Discussant: Dr Thomas Hueglin

Federalism, Democracy, and Development (Democracy Part 2) 
Chair: Dr Régis Dandoy; Discussant: Mr Artur Yusupov

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