25th IPSA World Congress, Brisbane, QLD, Australia, 21-25 July 2018

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With nine sponsored and co-sponsored panels, RC28 was once again one of the most active RCs at the 25th IPSA World Congress in Brisbane. Below is a full list.

RC28.01 Dynamic De/Centralisation and Secessionism in Federations

Chair: Paolo Dardanelli; Discussant: Thomas Lancaster

RC28.03 Comparative Federal and Multilevel Citizenship

Chair: Willem Maas; Discussant: Fiona Barker

J-RC07/28.08 Gender, Diversity, and Federalism in the Global South

Chair: Joan Grace; Discussant: Régis Dandoy


J-RC17/28.03 Federal Political Culture and Citizen Trust

Chair: John Kincaid; Discussant: Nico Steytler

RC28.09 Going Subnational: Immigration Responses and Immigrant Integration Policies of Sub-State Actors in Multi-level States

Chair: Chloé Thomas; Discussant: Nikola Brassard-Dion

J-RC23/28.04 Manifesto Co-ordination in Multi-level Settings

Chairs: Régis Dandoy and Airo Hino; Discussant: Kyohei Yamada


RC28.07 Public Policy Processes, Models, and Outcomes within Systems of Multilevel Governance

Chair: Johanna Schnabel; Discussant: Carol Weissert and Troy Smith

RC28.05 Experimentation and Reform in Federal Systems

Chair: Carol Weissert; Discussant: Johanna Schnabel

RC28.06 Formal and Informal Structures in Intergovernmental Relations

Chair: Arjan Schakel; Discussant: Robyn Hollander